Positive Energy for the MC Guru!

Guru to the left, Dj Premier on the Right

Gang Starr MC Guru is currently undergoing surgery after suffering a heart attack and falling into a coma. We need to definitely pray and keep him in our thoughts through this time. He has been a light in the hip hop game since the gecko and his lyrics always had a depth that made him a legend in his name.  I remember when i first began listening to Gang Starr and being intrigued by the vocab he used in his rhymes combined with DJ Premiers dope technique, it completely reinforced my love for hip hop.

Lets keep sending out the love! #prayforGuru


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Get Off on Broadway!

For three weeks since February 8th, NYC&CO has a promotion called “On the House” where you can purchase a ticket and get one free- or “On the House” ha! You can reserve them in advance and use a promotional code HOUSE through phone or box office when booking your tickets.  You can check nyc.go.com/onthehouse for more info!

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Put it On for Big L – R.I.P

Today marks 11 years since one of the illest emcees to touch the mic was fatally gunned down in his own stomping grounds, Harlem. He was a lyrical genius, a wordsmith who was an expert in punchlines and gritty rhymes, and always came with full delivery. He came on the scene in the 90’s. on Lord Finesses’ B side and then formulated Children of the Corn with fellow Harlem natives Killa Cam, Ma$E, McGruff and Bloodshed. Big L was then signed to Columbia where he debuted his first solo album in 1995, Lifesetylez ov da Poor & Dangerous . Due to its non commercial success, he was dropped from Columbia and not long after Big L created Flamboyant Entertainment. Under his new label, he released his second album The Big Picture and connected with Bronx based collective Diggin’ in the Crates Crew. After his death, Gang Starr released Full Clip, a tribute song to his life.

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Just in time for Valentines Day

For the lover in you, Teedra Moses dropped her mixtape today “Royal Patience Compilation, a love journey….” If you haven’t heard of her, she’s an r&b/soul singer songwriter from New Orleans who’s written songs for Mary J, Trina and collaborated with the likes of Jadakiss and Raphael Saadiq. She has released two albums “Complex Simplicity” and “The Young Lioness.” Both great albums, highly slept on, and perhaps one of the most underrated artists I’ve come across. Download the mixtape for free on her site:teedramoses.com

Happy Valentines Day!

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Teenage Love in “Call Me”- Joell Ortiz ft Novel

Keeping it on the topic of Love, this new video by Joell Ortiz ft Novel “Call Me” retracts back to the 90’s with a teenage love captured completely by Rik Cordero (Three/21 Media). The Gold hoop earrings, Tommy Shirts and Smart Beepers just give it that old school vibe. An Al Green sampling joint, Joell Ortiz reminisces about his first love with a lyrical narrative that tells the story of a young love gone sour by gossip. This is his first single off the album Free Agent which is due out in late March. Yaowa!!!

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Bogart & Bacall

Being that it’s Valentines Day weekend and Love is in the air, I wanted to write a romance filled post about the story of Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, who had so much chemistry on screen as they did off. Who knew they’d both fall in love on set? Its somewhat similar to our modern day couple Brad Pitt and Angelina, but without the big age difference. The connection was so strong that it catapulted Lauren Bacall into an overnight sensation! It was 1944 and they were both preparing for the lead roles in the movie To Have and Have Not. Lauren Bacall was 19, Humphrey Bogart 44. About a month into filming, Bogart entered her dressing room and kissed her, sparking one of Hollywood’s great romances.

After the success of To Have and Have Not, the duo created three more pictures together (The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo.)

Bogart was married three times prior to Bacall, with actresses who placed their careers before marriage. He insisted that there union be the main priority before anything. She was quoted saying, “I wanted to marry him more than I wanted to breathe, so I made that promise.” The role that was her breakthrough “would be the one that would force me to put work second.” “Life plays strange tricks on you.” They got married, had two children and continued acting together and separately. Bogart was then diagnosed with cancer in 1957, and passed at the age of 58. She has always regarded him as her first and true love .

This past xmas, i received the Bogie and Bacall signature collection box set with all four movies! I’m so excited to watch the mystery, suspense and romance that they deliver in the movies that are considered timeless masterpieces.

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I Pay Homage to the Best of em’ like Christopher Wallace


Can you believe 12 years ago today, Hip Hop lost one of the Greatest.
Biggies music still lives on and his legacy was carried on this year with the release of the biopic Notorious.
Here’s the two letter to BIG songs from Jadakiss and the other from Lil Cease.
Jadakiss’ Letter to BIG is featured in the album The Last Kiss which was scheduled to release tomorrow but is pushed back till April 7th.

As we celebrate his life, naturally, Hot 97 will have the station on lock playing Biggie throughout the day.

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