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Short of the Week -Validation

A feel good short film and in simplest form, it essentially reminds you to never forget to Smile! 🙂

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Teenage Love in “Call Me”- Joell Ortiz ft Novel

Keeping it on the topic of Love, this new video by Joell Ortiz ft Novel “Call Me” retracts back to the 90’s with a teenage love captured completely by Rik Cordero (Three/21 Media). The Gold hoop earrings, Tommy Shirts and Smart Beepers just give it that old school vibe. An Al Green sampling joint, Joell Ortiz reminisces about his first love with a lyrical narrative that tells the story of a young love gone sour by gossip. This is his first single off the album Free Agent which is due out in late March. Yaowa!!!

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

Its been more than 6 months since i’ve updated this blog and for a while i forgot i had made this since i just made a tumblr. And I’ve decided that I will write in both and post different things in each. I’m in a reflective mood at the moment. I’m always thinking, my mind is always rambling, over analyzing everything in my life. Times like this, i like to write and doing that helps me find peace that is usually overshadowed by the chaos in my life. And ofcourse our life always expresses the outcome of our dominant thoughts.

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